Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Step 16: Appreciate Your Special People

In honor of the holidays, here are a few reasons I am thankful for the people in my life.

My parents: without them I would be an orphan like Oliver Twist or Leela from Futurama and even though I would probably sing more songs as an orphan and be eligible for much more government money than I am now, I still enjoy having parents because I don't have to eat gruel or work in the coal mines. Dad, thank you for teaching me about the merits of video games and candy and Mom, thank you for teaching me about writing and reading even though it's not as fun as video games and candy.

Ellyn: you always point me in the moral direction; especially when it comes to leach torturing. As kids you taught me responsibility by playing the Abu to my Aladdin or the 7 Dwarves to my Snow White. I now know that would be a lot of work to care for a monkey or seven small men and this knowledge has stopped me from making some stupid decisions.

Mina: You are a bundle of energy which is good because I'm not. I love that you always stand up for what's right. Not a lot of teens do that.

Thank you for supporting me and putting up with those teenage years when I hated everything  and never did my math homework.  I'm a lot less angsty now but I still don't do math, so I guess everyone wins except Mr. Thiner who, despite is best efforts, never managed to teach me algebra.

xoxo Hannah

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